What is my body shape?

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If you want to enhance your natural body features and play down the less desirable bit, you should know your body shape. You will have more confidence knowing that you look your best, plus you no longer have to waste money on clothes that do not fit you or play up your natural assets. Find out how here!

Is there a perfect body shape? Actually, there is, according to many beauty specialist. It is the hourglass figure. Thankfully, there are only around 2% of the whole population that looks like that that. For the rest of us mortals, not only do we not have to work towards creating an hourglass figure, there are numerous tips that cater to each of our body shapes, ensuring that we can dress our best!


Oval, Triangle, Hourglass, Inverted Triangle, Rectangle


Oval / Apple

One of the most negatively perceived body shapes, an overall wideness of the figure is the defining trait. It is also marked by an undefined waist, wide hips and full thighs.

How to dress this body shape

The main objective is to make sure that attention is diverted away from the full midsection, and upwards to the shoulders and face. Hence, accessorizing around the neckline and face is one of the most effective ways to achieve this. Other ways include wearing shapewear/slimming underwear, having low necklines, and wearing similar colours for both the top and bottom. Clingy materials and fitting clothes should be avoided, while flowy and soft materials would hide flaws.


Triangle / Pear

This shape is defined by a chest area that is smaller than the hips, a well-defined waist, full thighs, and a full bottom. To balance the heavier bottom, you can divert attention towards your shoulders and face. Accessorizing around the neckline and face is one good way to do so. Also, shoulder pads (like those on a structured blazer) can help to broaden the shoulders. You can also try clothes that play up your narrow waist, like cinched waist dresses. Designs that draw attention to your hips, like big pockets or patterns should be avoided. Baggy bottoms are also not recommended.



If you have a figure where your chest area and hips are around the same width, and a well-defined waist, congratulations! This is widely perceived as the perfect body shape and your styling options are numerous. Without having to play down anything in particular, you pretty much have free reign in what to wear. However, generally high necklines are avoided to prevent getting too much attention on the bust area. Go out and experiment to find your style!


Inverted Triangle

This body shape also have much to be envious about. With either a wide chest area or shoulders, well-defined waist, and narrow hips, the main styling focus will be to divert attention away from your heavier top. Quite the opposite of the body shape. Hence, flared bottoms, wide belts, low necklines are all good options to consider. Keep your top simple, and choose light accessories and jewellery around your face and neckline, lest it becomes too overwhelming.



Like a rectangle, this figure has roughly the same width for the chest and hip area, and the waist is not much narrower (otherwise that is a hourglass). Typically, rectangles have a small bust and slender arms. If you have this body shape, consider styling to create curves. Clothes that define the waist, like cinched waist dresses, or slight flared bottoms are all good options. Sleeveless clothes will do great to show off those arms. Avoid low necklines, baggy clothes and straight cut garments.



Regardless of your body shape, there are always dressing options to suit you. However, body shape is not the only thing to consider when shopping for clothes. Other things like your vertical body proportions and skin tone affect the optimal cutting, styles and colours. Have fun shopping!

Different shapes, equally beautiful

Different shapes, equally beautiful


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