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So, you wake in the morning and wonder “What should I wear today?” Putting something on is one thing; getting it right and nailing the style is quite another. Here are some tips I’ve found extremely effective, and perhaps all of us can take an advice or two when answering this universal important question.

The “What should I wear today?” question is not uncommon. That question goes through millions of women’s minds before they need to step out and face the world. There are numerous forums dedicated to similar topics, testament to the importance of an outfit to a woman.

Putting something on is one thing; getting it right and nailing the style is quite another. I have gathered some very effective tips here and perhaps all of us can take an advice or two.


Understand yourself

Do you know what body shape you are? Do you know what colours suit your skin tone? If you don’t, you should find out. With an objective understanding of how your body actually looks, the kind of cutting or styles that look good for your body type, the natural compatibility between fabric colours and skin tones, the task of putting together an outfit that works for you becomes easier.

What body shape do you have?

For e.g., I have a vertically-balanced and pear-shaped body, and also petite. So based on that, I pick out clothes that elongate and enlarge my top half. And because I’m petite, I also pay special attention on how to make myself look taller. So, most of my clothes are fitting, and my outfits have similar colour palettes.

Check out my earlier post on “Understand your body shape” – there are more details there and you can assess your body shape. Or get a girlfriend and do it together!


Brands do not dictate your style, your style guides your outfit options

Sure, there are amazing dresses from big brands like Lanvin, Diane von Furstenberg and every season introduces stylish designs, prints and colour. They all look amazing on the runways and magazine spreads. But do they suit you?

BCBG Max Azria S/S 2013; Lanvin S/S 2009; Gary Graham S/S 2013; Diane Von Furstenberg S/S 2013

Objectively speaking, not all will. You have to identify the style, material, cutting that you feel more comfortable and confident in. I, for one, shy away from bold/big/ethnic prints because it’s just not what I like. It doesn’t connect with me, and I feel that they will overwhelm my small frame. Instead, I stick to clean, slick lines and have found favourites in shift dresses, A-line dresses, slim belts, etc

Look for inspirations in celebrities or other people who have a similar body shape and style. Magazines can be a good source, provided you can filter out the unrealistic body proportions of many models. :)


Pick a central piece and work it up from there

I usually do this because I usually have some item or colour that I feel like wearing. Simply pick something out from your wardrobe – best if it’s something bold or special, but it works with virtually any item in any case. This will be the starting point, from which you identify other items that look compatible with it.

The question of compatibility again boils down to which clothing types fit your body shape best and your preferred fashion style. For e.g., if you have picked out a leather jacket, how about adding a short lace dress for some soft and feminine edge for an interesting juxtaposition.



Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize… It’s one of the fastest and most affordable way to change a look. Add a statement necklace to make a plain top interesting, throw on a striking cardigan for an instant mood-lift, wear metal and leather cuffs for a don’t-mess-with-me attitude. There are tons of ways to accessorizing and small unique items can be found quite easily on Etsy or your local flea market.

Bangles, Earrings, Ring from JewelleryLite.com | Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses | Basket Bag from glam-net.com


Experiment with colours, textures and shapes

The black and white combination is classic and virtually always works, but after a while, it’s boring. By adding dashes of other colours, your look immediately changes! The colours can speak volumes of your mood that day, your energy level, the style you are channelling. If you’re not very good with colours or need some inspiration, use a colour wheel.

Colours that flatter someone doesn’t necessarily have the same effect on your. You should note your skin tone when experimenting with clothing or makeup.

Textures and shapes add interest to your outfit. Leather contrasted with lace, aztec prints, polka dots are all examples of elements that can be incorporated into an outfit. Try them and see which one you like.



Turquoise Look

Turquoise Look

If you are keen to experiment, there are many channels from which you can draw inspiration. Polyvore and Pinterest are great websites with diversity of styles. Creativity and self-awareness will go a long way.




Credits: love Maegan (flickr)



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