Nothing to wear!

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I have no doubt that all women occasionally face the problem of (seemingly) not having anything to wear. Do you know how to always find something to wear? Here’s how!

I used to lament the lack of suitable clothes to wear. My wardrobe is not small by most people’s standards, yet the clothes I wear on a frequent basis amount to just 20-25% of my entire collection. It’s almost ironic that despite my buldging wardrobe, I wreck my head over finding something that doesn’t look repeated for either a romantic dinner, a client meeting, or a girls’ night out. Imagine being caught in photos in the same outfit for several occasions with the same group!

Closet full of clothes to wear... or is it?

Closet full of clothes to wear… or is it?

We’ve sourced for some ideas on what to do to solve this problem. Here’s how:


Know what you have

For a start, do you even know what you have in your wardrobe? Find an afternoon (or two) and take everything out. Do a closet cleanup by taking a hard look at each item and determining whether you still/can want them or not. Think about:

  • Is this suitable for my body shape, style? Consider your current size, rather than your “soon-to-be” slimmer body, 6 months down the road.
  • Is this no longer in fashion? If yes, do I still want to mix-and-match to create a different look for this item?
  • How many times have I worn this? If it’s very seldom, why is it so?

You will have to be “heartless” when evaluating each item, because the more you keep, the more cluttered your wardrobe gets, the less able you become in acquiring new items that actually fit you and your style. (Yes! More shopping!)


Mix-and-match in different ways

Now that you only have items that you will and can wear left, it’s time to be creative. Instead of pairing separates and accessorizing in your usual manner, think out of the box. Look for inspirations in celebrities or other people who have a similar body shape and style. Polyvore and Pinterest are great websites with diversity of styles.


Find a new style

Get someone else to style you. Your best friend most likely has a different dress sense, and will look at your wardrobe with a different eye. It’s a great chance to be adventurous without having to wreck your brain.


Invest in basics

When out shopping, it is important to not get carried away with the latest fashion trends. To increase the “mileage” of your clothes, basics are your best investment. My favourite basics are white shirts, black pants, structured blazer and black pumps. To me, they are essential to have, as they form the basics in building up an outfit. Many of them will go a long way in creating varied outfits. If you don’t have these, do consider shopping around for fitting and good quality ones.



Having “nothing to wear” is not an excuse for always wearing the same clothes. Not only will you feel better having a variety of clothes to wear, you can save more money (for an indulge later on!)
Credits: love Maegan (flickr)



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